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Adette has a bachelors degree in Biology from The University of New Mexico. She has loved animals her entire life.  How could she not with a father who routinely stopped to help wayward frogs off the road after rainstorms.  To each of those frogs he made a difference.  What a beautiful role model! Adette owned a successful pet sitting service in Austin for nine years.  Through all of the driving she did she found numerous roadside dogs. She was inspired to start helping them about 10 years ago when she saw a beautiful big black lab who died alone on the side of the road. She realized that these animals are helpless. We can’t just drive past and assume the will be OK.  They won’t! She began picking up these angels. Many of these she was able to find their homes.  They were simply lost.  Others, who knows what their stories were.  Were they lost, stolen, dumped?  There is no way to tell.  All Adette knew is that they needed a helping hand, some understanding, and a bunch of love.  Over those nine years, Adette rescued countless pets including dogs, cats, birds, a couple of  salamanders, two mice (Bobbi McGee and Lola), a snake and a rat named Noah.

Adette has also been very active in helping raise awareness to help our beautiful city become a No Kill City.  She was formerly the chair for the Public Awareness Task force, created by Austin City Council,  for the Austin Animal Center.

In addition to rescue, Adette works hard to raise awareness, through I Once Was Lost,  about proper care of pet’s needs. She has researched proper pet nutrition for over 10 years.  Read her article Pet Nutrition The Real Poop for information on not only pet nutrition but also over-vaccination research and information.


Adette also runs Chuckling Hound Ranch Luxury Pet Resort.  Chuckling Hound always saves, at least, one luxury room for a rescue dog while they wait for their forever home.  During their stay, they are treated like royalty as they heal & grow.  They are cherished and fed super premium foods along with wonderful, healthy supplements from Natures Farmacy.




David works as a financial advisor at David Soliz Financial Services. Prior to his financial work David taught and coached in both public and private school systems. He also served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. He earned a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in business at the University of Texas at Austin. He currently enjoys coaching football at St Michael’s Catholic Academy.  He often helped roadside dogs over the years.  He then realized how important this was and made it his mission to help save as many lives as possible.

In the first year Adette and David combined forces, they were able to save over 20 dogs. In the three years since, they have saved over 60 homeless dogs. Some were badly abused, some were obviously dumped, some were sick, some were just fine and healthy. Some were puppies and some were adults. Whatever they went through in the past, they were nothing but full of unconditional love and deserving of the best life possible.

“A rescue dog is more than his past experiences. He is a marvelous, individual combination of genes, personality, nerve, humor, and most of all, gratitude.”
~ Lucky Dog Rescue Blog