Success Stories

I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy rescues cats and dogs in and near Austin, TexasAs you would expect from such animal lovers some of the pets that come into our lives never leave.  The others go to incredible, loving homes where they get to live lives of luxury and happiness.  A big ‘paws up’ for the angels who have adopted our little loves and cherished them as they should be.

One of our funnest and most educational rescues was a super sweet bird dog mix, Trixie,  and her 9 puppies..whew!  This precious family joined us to teach us about raising puppies in May of 2010.  Trixie turned out to be the best mama in the world.  She taught her puppies to mind their manners and to be calm in all situations.  She made our job so much easier because of her hard work.  Thank you Trixie!  Trixie’s kiddos have all gone to fabulous homes where they are living like kings and queens.  Trixie has decided that she will only leave us for the most perfect home imaginable.  You can see her pretty face on Fox 7 Pet of the Week.

While David was rounding up Trixie and her puppies, a very thin and sad American Staffordshire Terrier walked up and put himself in a crate.  He also had been living in a field, caring for himself. As he and I were making the drive home a Willie Nelson song came on the radio. Our new staffie friend popped his head up and seemed to really enjoy the tune. So, his name became Willie Nelson. Bless his heart. He looks as though one entire side of his body had been broken somehow. An accident or possibly abuse. Willie ducks when anything is raised near him so abuse is more likely. He clearly had to heal himself all alone. Because he is now crooked, he has the cutest waddle walk in the world. He has to plan where he is headed, get momentum and charge forward in a sideways fashion to get to his goal. Willie was heartworm positive and now healed and healthy. This boy is the reason Adette is so passionate and in love with Pit Bulls. They are the most cruelly abused animals in history. You can find more information and FACTS at Please don’t believe the stereotypes you have heard. In the 1950’s these dogs were considered nanny dogs and helped parents babysit their children. They had this job because of the loyalty and dedication they give to humans. The bad information out there is simply not true and is just harmful to this precious creature. Willie now plans to live out his life on the ranch. His only job is to share his great big loving hugs and huge smile every day.

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