Adoption Information

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I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy is aided by  Chuckling Hound Ranch Luxury Pet Resort  in their efforts to help save homeless pets. One luxury suite is always saved for a foster pet. Since there are usually several rescues at Chuckling Hound Ranch most live in the main house.

When we see a lost dog on the road we can’t help ourselves.  We must stop to help.  Most dogs are excited to see someone stop to help and they run right up to us.  Some take a bit of coaxing but once they are in our arms they know they are safe.

Every pet who enters our lives is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, as well as healed physically and emotionally before they leave us.

We are very particular about where our rescues go.  We have a detailed application and always do a home check as well as follow up contact to make sure we have made the best match possible.

Pet Adoption Application  

Our process: Once we receive the completed application, we will contact you.  If the application is approved, our next step is a meet and greet with you and any pets you already have.  A neutral place is always a good idea for this meeting with dogs.  If you feel this is definitely the pet for you, we will then schedule a home visit.  If all goes well at the home visit, we will leave your new family member with you.  At this time we will give you a packet with the latest and greatest pet nutrition and vaccination information.  We consider this a trial period and will keep in touch to make sure this is the best match possible for everyone in the family.  We THANK YOU for adopting!!!!




We always agree to take a pet back if it doesn’t work out, no matter what the reason.

“My dog Pearl lived with a foster mom, and I know Pearl’s adoption was a bittersweet moment for her. I’ll never forget the love, pride and tinge of sadness I saw in her eyes when she put Pearl in my arms and said good-bye. I felt such love and admiration for that woman–and I still do. I am so grateful to her. I can never repay her for opening her heart and home to Pearl until someone with a forever home came along. Someday, when I have to let Pearl go to her eternal home, I’ll think of this wonderful woman and draw strength from her act of kindness–from her understanding of what it means to love and act unconditionally.”
~ Raffy