Raising awareness and saving pets takes
a great deal of
commitment, time and resources.

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             The first item on our Wish List is for this heartbreaking statistic to change to “NEVER”

We have recently had a run of heartworm positive dogs.  Treatment is expensive & we need your help.  In the past two months we have healed the hearts of







Audrey Dog bath





squishy 2



legs and pickle 5


            We also had other big medical expenses like this cutie, Legs Diamond.  Legs was thrown from a moving vehicle at only 4 months old.  The result was a broken leg requiring a $2000.00 surgery.  We rely on donations for unexpected medical expenses such as this.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              How you can help:

Austin Animal Center (formally Town Lake Animal Center) is working hard to reach a 90% live outcome rate. This cannot be achieved without citizen help.  You can help by fostering, adopting, spaying/neutering, volunteering, or donating.  This will make the difference to thousands of our city’s pets.

I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy Wish List:

  • To help them flourish we make sure our friends receive the best nutrition possible. We only feed super premium food along with fresh, homemade food. Therefore, our food expenses are the biggest expense.  We gratefully accept food donations of healthy pet food.  Our favorites can be found in our nutrition article
  • We also appreciate big soft blankets, towels and thick rugs (the ones that don’t have padding on one side)
  • Treats such as deer antlers, raw bones and bully sticks
  • Toys such as Kongs and strong chew toys
  • Keep Safe Breakaway collars by Premier
  • Raised dog beds from Kuranda. You can donate a bed through their shelter/rescue donation program
  • Gift Certificates for natural pest avoidance products from EntomoBiotics
  • You can also help by volunteering to help out at our ranch with the rescues and their care
  • Help us spread the word
  • Monetary  donations are always appreciated

    Click the donation jar to DONATE. Thank you!!