Extend A Paw Program

If you have a pet, whom you need help finding a home for, I Once Was Lost will do our part to help.

Please Please Please try to help this pet by thinking of other options rather than placing them in another home. If this pet is yours or someone you know, please exhaust all other options before re-homing him/her. Training, help from family or friends, food pantry help, etc are always great options to consider. Thousands of pets die in shelters. It is important to remember that re-homing a pet takes that spot from a pet that may die in a shelter.

If you found this pet , please first take him/her to a local vet to scan for a microchip & post him on Facebook – Austin Lost and Found Pets (or the Facebook page for the city you found him/her in. (*****BE SURE***** to leave out a very specific descriptor so bad guys don’t claim him) and call 311 or go to www.GetAPetNow.com and do a found dog report for the city shelter. They will contact you with information to post his/her picture. (ditto on the detail you leave out). After 3 days of no one claiming him/her we can legally take him into our program.


free to a good home

****NOTE: The care of all pets with I Once Was Lost are cared for, marketed, vetted, advertised, fed, medicated, monitored for signs of stress or illness, etc by ONE person.  Therefore, we can not typically take pets into our possession.  To take advantage of our Extend a Paw Program, you must foster the pet until space opens up at our location or the pet is placed in a loving home.  We cannot guarantee the length of time the pet will be in your care.****

If we help, we will need the following from you:

First, we need to meet the pet to approve him/her to be taken into our program.

Second, there is a $50 fee.  This simply covers the extensive time it takes to network and market a pet.  This fee is due UPFRONT. Please note, there is NO GUARANTEE that will we be able to place this pet.

Some GOOD pictures. We need  close ups of his/her face as well as body shots that have a nice background..like green grass or a big blue blanket. Just something that makes his/her beauty shine. Please be mindful of the background…dirt, or someones shoe, etc. do not help the pet at all.

Also, we will need approximate weight, age, & some great personality notes (gets along with cats/dogs/kiddos, etc), …we want people to fall in love from the description of him/her.

We will market him/her like crazy, including creating a flyer that you can post at vets offices, where you work, where your friends work, etc, facebook postings (you can find us at I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy) where you can share these postings, etc.

We will also help arrange spay/neuter, heartworm test, vaccinations and microchip. We can discuss the expense of these…usually we will just use the adoption fee to cover this but we certainly appreciate any donations to help us help the next pet. You will be responsible to transport pet to all appointments.

When someone is interested in him, they will go to www.pawsitively.org and fill out an adoption application. This helps  screen applicants. We will then follow up with a meeting arrangement (or have you do this) and I will do a home check when it gets to that point.

The adoption fee is $150.

As we set up adoption events, we will post those on Facebook. We ask that you monitor this and bring him/her to these events. These are very important for exposure and they are good ways to get the dogs out and about for people to meet and fall in love. I often try to take dogs to outdoor patio restaurants. It’s amazing how successful these are at finding homes. I will get some of our cards to you. If you take a pet out, please hand out cards and let people know about the pet in need of a home. Also, a cute bandana or vest on the dog that says “Adopt me and I will love you forever” is a great conversation starter.

It’s also a great idea to create a Facebook page for him. When you do this, please share the link with us  so we can share it too.

Thank you for caring about homeless pets!! We will give it our best to find true love for your friend♥